Community Outreach:
An Online Training Option for Lake Highlands Teachers, Public Servants, & NPO Staff

We want to help provide self-care to those who help so many.  If you are a public school teacher, nurse or ancillary health-care worker such as an EMT, or on the staff of a non-profit organization serving Lake Highlands, you may be eligible for our discounted Online Group Training Program.

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Exercise Anywhere

Virtual Training


The comfort and budget of small group programming in your home, at the gym, on vacation, or wherever you are using the Positively Fit Lake Highlands Trainerize App. All you need is a smartphone and access to some dumbbells and a resistance band.
 You'll have access to all the great features of the Trainerize App, with nutrition tracking through MyFitnessPal, instructional videos, and community and trainer support. This program is perfect for the gym member who needs to know what to do there!
Membership in our Online Community both in the app and on Facebook will keep you motivated, add an element of friendly competition, and inspire you to make exercise a life-long habit.


Meet Your Goals

Thank You

You're probably the kind of person who gives your all to helping others, often finding there's no time for yourself. This program allows you the flexibility to do something good for you physical, emotional, and mental health - at a schedule that works for you.
By following the programming built for you by a Certified Personal Trainer, you have the ooportunity to build muscle, lose fat, gain strength, reach peace of mind, and contribute positively to all aspects of your health.
Our regular price for this service is $50/month. We are offering you the same package at just $25/month as a small "thank you" for all you do for our community.

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